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AMP-Kxxx , CSB & CAB Custom DC & AC Power Conversion Solutions

More than 40 years of experience getting to know the needs of our customers allows us to understand power problems better than other providers, and to quickly design/deliver solutions specifically tailored to solve your engineering challenges. Our product range includes over 500 standard products and more than 2000 custom-made designs, including Inverter Charger Systems, Battery Charger for Industrial Applications, Battery racks, and customised form factor designs to easily fit into existing installations. We design, integrate and manufacture in  Australia and New Zealand, which allows us to have control over the entire process from the development to the final product. This enables us to reduce development cost, provide better lead times along with complete post-sales support, repair and maintenance services. Helios’ DC systems can be customised to suit any application with options including IP-rated and portable solutions, labelling, special terminations/connections, remote monitoring and control, N+X redundancy level, mounting and form factor, status signals and control, voltage adjustment (knob/pot), special input and multioutput options, and conformal coating. Use the live chat below or email us on sales@heliosps.com.au if you require further information about our custom solutions.

List Of Customised DC & AC Power Solutions ( This table was last updated on the 26/09/2023)

AMP-Kxxx Model List

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