ISO 9001:2015 Accreditation

ISO 9001 is an international standard outlining requirement for an organisation’s quality management system (QMS). The objective of ISO 9001 is to provide a set of minimum requirements, providing you with confidence that your supplier can consistently provide goods and services that:

•  Comply with applicable regulations
•  Meet your needs and expectations

What does “conformity to ISO 9001” mean?

This means that your supplier has established a systematic approach to quality management and is managing their business to ensure your needs are clearly understood, agreed upon and fulfilled. A statement of conformity to ISO 9001 should not be considered as a substitute for a declaration or statement of product conformity.


Helios Power Solutions Pty Ltd
ISO 9001:2015, Telarc Registered  No. 3129
15 February 2024

The configuration, manufacture, sales and supply and service of DC power supplies, inverters, UPS systems and smart chargers.

New Zealand

Helios Power Solutions Limited
ISO 9001:2015, Telarc Registered, No. 2716
20 September 2021

The configuration, manufacture, sales and distribution of DC Power Supplies, Inverters, UPS Systems, and Smart Chargers.