Custom Design to Meet Your Exact Requirements

Helios Power Solutions specialises in customising our extensive range of power products to meet your exact requirements. Nearly half of our business is customised, using our own products and leading global products as a base for the solution.


Our ability to provide this service is based on the following core in house capabilities:

  • Technical consultation with client from qualified electronic engineers to ascertain what is required
  • Design – from PCB level to integrated systems from our power electronics design engineers
  • Drafting of detailed schematics
  • Manufacture, assembly and testing in Australia and New Zealand


PCB Level

We will work with you to help design the right power conversion components for your products and systems. This will normally involve taking an existing base product from our extensive range and modifying it at PCB level to meet your specific requirements. Depending on volume, the modified products can be manufactured in Australia or NZ, or more economically by our international supply partners.

PCB Design - Power Conversion Australia

Standalone and Sub Rack Systems

DC Power Systems are designed as standalone units, or as subracks to perform specific power conversion functions in a range of environments. Customised distribution, redundancy, alarms, metering, enclosures, communications and a range of other features are incorporated into these designs, which are normally designed and assembled in our facilities in Sydney and Auckland. Following there are some of the customisable features:
  • Special Output connections/terminations, alarms and communications
  • Wide range of Power and Output Voltage combinations
  • Medical and Railway certifications
  • Redundant Systems N+X
  • Status Signals & Control
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Convection / fan cooled
  • Load Distribution Integrated and load selectivity
  • IP Rated
  • Labelling
  • Voltage Adjustment (Adjustable pot/knob)
  • High operational temperature
  • Conformal Coating
  • Accessories: Alarm Cards, Bypass Switches, metering, battery racks…
AMP-K5913 is a custom Battery Charger specially designed for the Fire Service Rescue NSW , the system offer:
  • Battery Voltage Remote and Local monitoring (Option B – Remote Only)
  • Mains Voltage remote monitoring
  • Remote Monitoring for Individual Output Current (4 channels)
  • Mains redundancy system ( optional)
  • Automatic reboot for a selected output channel when network connection is lost
  • Remote Control of every output channel
  • Circuit Breaker for every output channel
  • Charger Redundancy system (dual 500W chargers)
Check out some of our Rack Mount DC Power Solutions and contact our DC experienced engineers, they will assist you with the best solution according to your technical needs and budget.

Industrial DC Power Systems

Sophisticated DC and/or AC integrated systems, usually with battery back up, are designed by Helios for specific applications. They may include redundancy, sophisticated distribution and controllers, DC and AC Power outputs, and a number of voltage outputs. These are available in a range of cabinet types to meet battery size and environmental conditions, from standard cabinets, to pole mount to harsh environment enclosures with high IP ratings and air conditioning.

Systems are pre-programmed (if required) and undergo a rigorous testing regime prior to despatch. Often factory acceptance testing is carried out with clients prior to dispatch and commissioning. All systems come with comprehensive manuals and documentation. Following there are some customisable features:

  • Size (2U -47U x 19″rack).
  • Battery Bank – Autonomy
  • Seismic Rated
  • Special Output connections and alarms and communications.
  • Wide range of Power and Output Voltage combinations.
  • Medical, defence and Railway certifications.
  • Redundant Systems N+1
  • Remote Monitoring & Control.
  • Convection / fan cooled
  • Load Distribution Integrated and load selectivity
Check out some of our Integrated DC Power Solutions and contact our DC experienced engineers, they will assist you with the best solution according to your technical needs and budget.

Case Study

Modular & Redundant Battery Chargers for Six Electrical Substations In Bangladesh

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