Case Studies

These case studies provide insight into several of thousands of the solutions we have delivered to support critical applications for clients in many industries.

Some of our key projects include innovative DC UPS systems for 11kV switchgear, robust battery chargers for Samoa’s micro-hydro plants, and advanced modular chargers for transmission substations, demonstrating our commitment to power reliability and efficiency.

Helios Power Solutions designed a DC UPS system for 11kV switchgear protection, featuring a 5.5kW, 110VDC output, and 400VAC three-phase input. This system was created for Ravensdown Fertiliser – ABB in South Island, New Zealand, to provide reliable power and ensure continuous operation of the switchgear with extensive monitoring capabilities.
Helios Power Solutions designed a dual-output, modular battery charger system for transmission substations in New Zealand. The solution included two 21U 5.5kW 110VDC and 1.2kW 24VDC battery charger systems with high-temperature batteries, addressing critical and non-critical load requirements with full redundancy. Features included expandable power ratings, temperature compensation, remote monitoring, and SNMP via Ethernet for comprehensive power and system management
A typical but essential application is Emergency Lighting, even more important when we are talking about Airports. Air traffic control, navigation and landing aids. One of the landing aids, the Approach Lights System (ALS), is designed to guide aircraft approaching a runway under nighttime or other low-visibility conditions.
Helios Power Solutions were enlisted to design, manufacture and supply the boost chargers, used for charging the electric train that is used in the maintenance of the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Helios Power Solutions supplied the 750-boost charger (smart charging systems) that powers the train.
At Helios, we had the opportunity to design, manufacture and test 6 Convection cooled & Modular 1+1 Redundancy 48V 50A Battery Chargers Systems which will be baking up the SCADA/EMS & Telecom NMS of the power Grid company of Bangladesh.