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Auxiliary DC Power Systems & Power Automation Software For Power Stations, Transmission & Distribution Substations

Reliable and Independent Power

The function of an Auxiliary DC Power System in a substation is to provide a reliable and independent source of power for protection, control, monitoring  and communications functions at the station, so that in the event of the loss of the primary supply the substation control systems that require energy to operate can still do so safely. Switching breakers is the first thing that comes to mind when someone says DC POWER SYSTEM in power utilities as the major loads connected to the DC system are the trip and close coils of circuit breakers.


There are some other typical loads that are also important when you are sizing your battery charger or DC UPS, such as:

  • Power supplies of electronic relay protection ( busbar differential protection, high speed distance protection..)
  • Telecontrol systems, automation and signalling units,
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system
  • Measurement and monitoring units
  • Disturbance Recorders (Generally installed at interconnectors with other authorities and major generation and renewable generation sites)
  • Power transformers cooling fans
  • Emergency access lighting and alarm systems
  • MPLS Cabinets ( Edge device, routers and protection communications equipment)
  • Communication equipment ( microwave networks, VHF Radio repeaters sites…)


There are many considerations when designing a substation, but the main ones are:

  • Space
  • Controllability
  • Selectivity
  • Accessibility
  • Maintainability
  • Reliability.
  • Therefore any component in the substation should be selected with those features in mind.
CAB365 Wall Mount Battery Charger 7

Main Components of a DC Power System

VRLA Batteries
Modular DC UPS 125V 110V 220V 48V Australia for Substations and Power Stations
Battery Chargers
Hybrid Ultra Dual Output DC Power System
Industrial Grade DC / DC Converters
OPUS Rack Mount INVERTER MODULES - Inverter Dual Inverter Modules 12V 24V 48V 110V 220V to 230VA
DC to AC Inverters
Battery Racks
P Series Output Diode For Parallel & Redundancy Applications up to 400V
Diodes for N+1 Redundancy
Powershield 8 Battery Monitoring System
Battery Monitoring Systems
Maintenance Bypass External Bypass Switch New Zealand
Maintenance Bypass for Critical Loads

Why DC Power Conversion Solutions from Helios Power Solutions? 

Our design and sales departments work together with consultants, electrical contractors and end-customers to provide a turnkey solution which will not only meet the immediate requirements but also future requirements.

All of our custom build systems are fully assembled in our factory by experienced manufacturing personnel enabling us to have 100% control over the final product.

Customer’s feedback, especially from the maintenance and engineering department has enriched our knowledge and improved significantly our designs and procedures over the years thus allowing us to address concerns such as poor retrofit installation, scalability, time-consuming maintenance and space restrictions.

As a result, Helios Power Solutions has consolidated its name in the Australasian region as one of the main engineering providers of Industrial DC Power and Backup Systems. We invite you to check out some of the Battery Charger Systems designed and integrate by HPS.

Power & Utilities Case Studies

Helios Power Solutions’ project in Samoa involved providing two 6.2kW float chargers for micro-hydro plants, ensuring reliable power for essential turbine lubrication systems post-Cyclone Evans.
New Zealand Windfarms core business is involved with the development, operation and ownership of renewable energy windfarms throughout New Zealand. It was Helios Power Solutions goal in this project to assist NZ Windfarms continue to provide economic benefits to local NZ communities and assist in the efficient generation of electricity.
At Helios, we had the opportunity to design, manufacture and test 6 Convection cooled & Modular 1+1 Redundancy 48V 50A Battery Chargers Systems which will be baking up the SCADA/EMS & Telecom NMS of the power Grid company of Bangladesh.
Helios Power Solutions designed a dual-output, modular battery charger system for transmission substations in New Zealand. The solution included two 21U 5.5kW 110VDC and 1.2kW 24VDC battery charger systems with high-temperature batteries, addressing critical and non-critical load requirements with full redundancy. Features included expandable power ratings, temperature compensation, remote monitoring, and SNMP via Ethernet for comprehensive power and system management
Power Automation Systems SCADA IEC61850 DNP3 ICCP

Why Helios Power Solutions Automation Software Solutions? 

As leaders in the critical infrastructure sector, Helios acknowledges the imperative for modernization and automation in the electrical grid. Our team of engineers work together with consultants, electrical contractors, end-customers, and our partner Axon Group to provide a comprehensive range of Power Systems Automation solutions delivers a diverse selection of innovative, customizable, and user-friendly industrial software.

From Communication Gateway and SCADA/HMI systems to Comtrade file reading systems, Backup management software, and Industrial protocol test simulators, we equip you with a complete toolkit to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your operations.
Seamless integration with your existing devices and systems is of paramount importance to us. That’s why we provide solutions that support multiple industrial communication protocols, including DNP3, IEC-60870-5-104, ICCP, secure ICCP, and the globally recognized IEC 61850 standard for digital substations. Our products are meticulously designed to enhance compatibility and optimize performance, empowering you to unlock the full potential of your power infrastructure.

With Helios Power Solutions’ expertise and Axon Group’s industry-leading technology, you can confidently anticipate enhanced efficiency, improved reliability, and seamless integration within your power grid operations.

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