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Front DC Distribution Panel - Australia 24V 48V
3 Stage Battery Charger: 12 - Cyclic Battery Charger - Boost Charger 12V 24V 48V DC UPS Bench mount

Innovative Circuit Technology (ICT), established in 1986, specializes in DC power conversion products for markets such as land mobile radio, fixed wireless broadband, small cell, and industrial DC power. Their product range includes DC power supplies, fault-tolerant power systems, voltage converters, battery chargers, power inverters, DC backup systems, and Ethernet-enabled intelligent power supplies and DC power distribution panels. These products find applications in diverse settings such as emergency response dispatch centers, vehicles, and communication and industrial power sites globally​​.

ICT’s products cater to the growing need for wireless voice, data, and video communications worldwide. Their in-house engineering team follows a customer-driven product design process, backed by lifetime technical support. With a 30-year history in wireless power solutions, ICT also offers customization and modification capabilities. Their products are known for their low failure rates, owing to careful design, manufacturing, and testing, ensuring a long-term, low-cost ownership experience​​​​.

They focus on reliable, efficient, and compact power products, with a particular emphasis on managing DC power remotely via Ethernet. This allows for remote IP monitoring and control, reducing the need for unnecessary site visits. ICT’s technology includes built-in web servers, easy-to-use interfaces, and HTML or SNMP protocols for seamless network management. Their intelligent, managed DC power products with Ethernet feature the ability to remotely monitor critical DC loads and power cycle them as needed​​.

ICT’s strength lies in its dedication to innovation, quality, and reliability in DC power products, combined with a deep understanding of its customers’ power challenges and needs. This approach, along with their North American manufacturing base, ensures quality and timely delivery of their products​​.