Enedo, a European company, specializes in designing and producing high-quality electronic power supplies and systems for critical equipment. Their focus is on making electricity more reliable, secure, and energy-efficient, tailored to suit specific needs. Enedo prides itself on creating smart, high-quality power systems and supplies, developed in close collaboration with customers.

Established in March 1975 in Finland, Enedo has grown from a small engineering office to a global organization operating on four continents, serving customers worldwide. The company has undergone strategic expansions, including the acquisitions of ROAL Electronics in 2013 and PowerNet International Oy in 2018. These acquisitions have strengthened their capability in power electronics design, focusing on purpose-built, value-added products and solutions. With over 80 years of combined expertise across a wide range of industries, Enedo offers practical solutions to complex design challenges.

Enedo’s head office is located in Finland, with key functions like sales, marketing, and R&D situated in Finland and Italy. They also have a sales and marketing unit in the United States, indicating their international reach and commitment to global markets.

Their product offerings are diverse, catering to various industries with high demands for reliability and performance, especially in harsh conditions. Their product range is geared towards industries such as rail and transportation, medical, LED lighting, utility & energy, industrial, military, horticulture, marine, and building automation and security. This variety demonstrates Enedo’s ability to tailor solutions to meet specific industry requirements, emphasizing sustainability, reliability, and performance as key features of their power supplies.

Enedo stands out for its extensive experience in power conversion solutions, commitment to innovation driven by client needs, and a global presence strengthened by strategic acquisitions and diverse product offerings catering to a wide array of industries.