Power Quality Services

Power Quality Analysis & Monitoring Solutions

There are several important reasons to monitor power quality. The primary reason underpinning all others is economic, particularly if critical process load are being adversely affected by electromagnetic phenomena. Effects on equipment and process operations can include misoperation, damage, process disruption and other such anomalies. Such disruptions are costly since a profit-based operation is interrupted unexpectedly and must be restored to continue operation.

The procedure for defining monitoring objectives differs by the type of study. For diagnostic monitoring to solve shutdown problems with sensitive equipment, the objective may be to capture out-of-tolerance events of certain types. Evaluative or preventive monitoring may require the collection of several voltage and current parameters in order to characterize the existing level of power.

Power Quality Parameters that can be measured:

  • Power frequency
  • The magnitude of the supply voltage
  • Flicker
  • Supply voltage dips and swells
  • Voltage interruptions
  • Harmonics Voltage


  • Pre-audit information based on walkthrough of facility
  • Study of past trend and direct site readings

Comprehensive Power Quality Analysis Report

  • Includes site visit, data collection and analysis followed by recommendations concerning to sizing and maintenance of the systems.
  • Power analysis report based on SOW