Power Conditioners - Voltage Stabilisers

Power Conditioners -Voltage Stabilisers

Solutions to Voltage & Power Fluctuation

Many are the industrial processes where voltage stability is essential: from a wide range of applications where the numerical control processors and automatons are entrusted with guaranteeing the final result, up to all kinds of calculation centres, computer peripherals, transmission and communications equipment, laboratory equipment, etc.

So, in today’s electronic environment, saturated and highly unstable, where fluctuations in the power supply voltage are more than frequent, voltage stabilisers – power conditioners play a very important role in guaranteeing stable voltage to loads more sensitive to such variations.

Check out our range of voltage stabilisers and contact us if you require technical assistance choosing the right product for your application.

  1. EMI3: Servomotor voltage stabiliser 5kVA – 1300kVA (industrial applications) with up to 30% input voltage regulation. Can be used to stabilise any kind of equipment which does not require ultrafast response time. Specially designed for high inrush startup loads such as motors, transformers, capacitors, graphic printing equipment, trimming machines, milling equipment..
  2. RE3: Electronic voltage stabilisers from 300VA to 250kVA (commercial applications). Ideal for loads requiring ultrafast regulation under 100ms. 15% standard input voltage regulation range, but it can be customised up to 30%.
  3.  MPC Military Grade Power Conditioner: 1U Rack Mount voltage stabiliser for the extreme environmental and demanding electrical conditions of Military /Aerospace applications.Options include two DC outputs, a DC input rated for military 28 VDC sources, and an electronic breaker on the AC output to permit fault-tolerant parallel operation for higher power and/or N+M redundant systems.

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