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Sierra multidirectional inverter 110Vdc-230Vac

CE+T Power, established in the 1960s, specializes in power electronics, offering innovative power converters. The company is a multinational conglomerate of companies providing advanced solutions to ensure the reliability and sustainability of power for its customers. Their heritage, dating back to 1934, reflects extensive experience in power solutions, contributing significantly to the energy transition. CE+T Power’s product range includes inverters (DC to AC), UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies), and multidirectional converters (combining inverter, rectifier, and UPS functionalities). They also offer advanced monitoring and control solutions for real-time insights into power infrastructure performance.

CE+T Power is notable for its global operations and commitment to innovation, with over 300,000 modules produced each year, 200+ dedicated employees, three factories, and three R&D centers worldwide. The company’s core values include inclusivity, integrity, and creativity, fostering a collaborative and ethical work environment. They emphasize sustainability by ensuring product quality, adaptability to the environment, and developing ecological processes and solutions.

The company has received recognition for its achievements, including winning a contest organized by Google and IEEE in 2016 for producing the smallest inverter in the world and receiving a label from Deloitte for several consecutive years, acknowledging their strategic and financial management. CE+T Power is actively involved in addressing major challenges such as energy transition, 5G, and data center growth, and it encourages talented individuals to join their team.

CE+T Power has subsidiaries in various locations, including Australia, India, China, Germany, and the United States, focusing on different aspects of power solutions. For instance, Alpha Innovations, which joined CE+T in 2019, specializes in customized power solutions, while CE+T America is dedicated to energy management solutions in North America. Jema, another subsidiary, acquired in 1937, has expertise in high-performance DC power supplies for industries requiring extreme precision.

CE+T Power is a global leader in innovative power solutions, with a strong focus on reliability, energy efficiency, and sustainability. Their wide range of products and services caters to diverse sectors, from telecom to transport, backed by a rich heritage and a commitment to innovation and sustainability.