Medical Grade DC Power Supplies

Failure or interruption of power to critical devices is not an option in the Medical and Healthcare sectors. The reason is simple – human lives could be at risk.

Helios has partnered exclusively with a number of renowned DC Power Supply manufacturers servicing the medical sector, which are certified to Medical Quality Manufacturing System ISO 12485. They use DFMEA (Design Failure Mode Effects Analysis), PFMEA (Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis) and ISO14971 (risk management for medical devices) to ensure products are as reliable and safe as possible. Our comprehensive portfolio includes Single Output and Multi-output AD-DC Power Supplies and DC-DC Converters.

Get assistance and advice for medical power supply selection, application support, medical safety approvals and custom solutions from our sales and design engineers. Helios’ DC systems can be customised to suit any application with options including IP-rated and portable solutions, labelling, special terminations/connections, remote monitoring and control, N+X redundancy level, mounting and form factor, status signals and control, voltage adjustment (knob/pot), special input and multioutput options, and conformal coating.

Medical DC Power Supply Catalogues

Case Study – Custom Medical DC Power Supplies

The Newborn & Paediatric Emergency Transport Service at Westhead Children’s Hospital

Special custom designed DC UPS & AC UPS which is mounted under a stretcher to power all the lifesaving equipment on the stretcher bridge. The output is backed up by a four cell Lithium Ion Phosphate battery pack.

The AMP-K4910 is a Quad-input device (12VDC / 24VDC / 240VAC and Battery) with dual output (12VDC & 240VAC). It includes 4 x12V isolated Li-FePO4 cell chargers. It also includes control inputs for the 12VDC and 240VAC outputs and LOW VOLTAGE BATTERY disconnection. The battery connection can also be controlled externally.

In Stand Alone Mode (without external controller), the battery will be connected as long as the Battery Voltage is higher than 12.8V (2.9V per cell) and 24VDC or MAINS input are present. It will guarantee that any fluctuation in these two inputs will be smoothed by the battery keeping the outputs (12VDC and 240VAC) constant at any time.

Medical Grade DC Power Supplies

Open-frame – Medical DC Power Supplies

Chassis Mount – Medical DC Power Supplies

External/Desktop -Medical DC Power Supplies

Configurable & Multi-output Voltage – Medical DC Power Supplies

Safety approvals secured by Artesyn eliminate the need for an isolation transformer in medical equipment and the multi-output modular structure provides all system power in a single unit.

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AMP-Kxxx , CSB & CAB Custom DC & AC Power Conversion Solutions

More than 40 years of experience getting to know the needs of our customers allows us to understand power problems better than other providers, and to quickly design/deliver solutions specifically tailored to solve your engineering challenges. Our product range includes over 500 standard products and more than 2000 custom-made designs, including Inverter Charger Systems, Battery Charger for Industrial Applications, Battery racks, and customised form factor designs to easily fit into existing installations.

CMP250 XP Power - High Peak Power AC DC Power Supply 500W 2x MOPP Patient Protection

Flexible 500W Peak-Power AC/DC Power Supply for Industrial & Medical (BF) Device Applications

The new CMP250 series of high peak-power AC-DC power supply units have been developed to support a wide range of healthcare, industrial and IT applications. With a highly flexible combination of electrical and thermal characteristics, these power supplies deliver up to 500 Watts of peak power for up to 60 seconds, as well as providing up to 250 Watts of continuous convection-cooled power. This flexibility makes the series ideal for motor applications and other electromechanical loads without the need for

GCU 500 Series Tiny Power Supply 500 W

GCU 500 Series – Tiny 500W PSU

Features -40° C to +70° C Operation Input/output isolation of 2 x MOPPs (Means Of Patient Protection) Rated for safety at high altitudes – 4000m for medical and 5000m for IT Lightweight 748gr Power Fail – Remote ON/OFF Single main Output of 12,15,18,24,36 or 48VDC 1U Rack Mounted Option Benefits Compact— Lightweight (fits into 1U systems) Size: 83.8 x 165.1 x 39.3 High reliability Low Running Cost Ideal for cost-sensitive industrial applications Applications Robotic Renewable Energy Critical medical applications such