Rack Mount & Modular Battery Charger for industrial application

New Modular OPUS HE Battery Charger Systems for Industrial Applications

The new Efore OPUS HE family of 19” rack-mount DC power systems are high-efficiency power solutions powered by the new MHE 2kW high-efficiency rectifiers. The 7U rack configuration delivers up to 6 kW of power, while the 12U configuration delivers up to 10 kW. Their robust and reliable fan-free design, modular architecture and use of established components – including the VIDI+ controller and flexible distribution options – ensures the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) across the 15-20 year expected life span for industrial backup power systems. The OPUS HE series products offer unrivalled efficiency of 97% for minimal environmental impact. They have been designed and optimized for critical infrastructure, distribution and transmission substations, process industries, and railway substations where reliability is always the top priority.

New MHE Rectifiers –  5 Warranty

MHE rectifiers are convection cooled and require no fans. Rated output power is 2000 W in 48 V – 220 V output versions and 1500 W in 24 V version. Rectifier input is single phase, range 85-300 VAC.
  • 2000 W output power, 24 VDC 1500 W
  • Soft-start generator input feature
  • Active load current sharing
  • Internal over temperature protection
  • Digital communication over CAN bus with Efore VIDI controller

Modular Battery Chargers – DC UPS with MHE Rectifiers

The MHE rectifier is designed to supply power to industrial and telecom backup power systems. It should only be assembled and used in a system cabinet or sub-rack where human contact with hazardous voltages is prevented.19” 12U Rack delivers maximum 10 kW output power at 48, 60, 110, 125 and 220 VDC and 7.5 kW at 24 VDC output and 19” 7U Rack delivers maximum 6 kW output power at 48, 60, 110, 125 and 220 VDC and 4.5 kW at 24 VDC output. These rack systems support all typical Lead Acid and Ni-Cad battery systems in nominal 24, 48, 60, 110, 125 and 220 voltages.

Proven Quality & Reliability

More than ten years providing OPUS  DC systems to the industrial sector in New Zealand, Australia and Asia have reassured the high level of reliability and quality of Opus DC Systems. Power Utilities, Refineries, Mining and  Critical Infrastructure ( Hospitals & Transport Centres) have been few of the applications where our Turnkey  Solutions are installed. Check out the case study below; we had the opportunity to supply six redundant, modular & fanless battery charger systems to the power grid company in Bangladesh. For this specific project, we integrated the first version of Opus MRC Rectifiers and 7U Rack Mount System (still available) which have the same level of reliability but less power density.

Case Study

Modular & Redundant Battery Chargers for Six Electrical Substations In Bangladesh

Features of CAB 716

  • 48VDC Dual 3.2kW battery charger in a 45U 600mm W x 600mm D cabinet
  • Two 230VAC Mains Input Connections
  • Float Voltage of 56.8VDC configured for NiCd batteries
  • Single DC Distribution with 10 x 10A 2P load breakers with Auxiliary switches
  • Configured for redundancy by two +P95 blocking diodes
  •  Two 100A 2P Battery MCB’s, one for each battery
  • Temperature sensor with temperature compensation
  • A Low Voltage Disconnect set at 40VDC for each charger
  • End customer: Power grid company in Bangladesh
  • SNMP

Products Installed in CAB 716

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