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How to select the right DC Power Supply for Leaky feeder application

DC Power Solution & Backup for Underground Mining Communications Systems

If you’re looking to install or replace a leaky feeder communication system, choosing the right DC power supply and battery backup is a key decision. Leaky feeders are underground communications systems that make wireless comms possible within mines and other underground challenging environments. They’re often essential for safety and productivity, and it’s crucial they have an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) you can trust. At Helios, we design DC & AC power conversion solutions for critical infrastructure. We’ve supplied DC power backup systems for leaky feeders in mines across Australia and South America, and we can customise the ideal solution for your application.

Some of the Leaky Feeder DC Power Systems manufactured by Helios Power Solutions

AMP-K4405 30VDC, 5.5A Power Supply with 48VDC Battery Charger - Leaky Feeder DC Power System
AMP-K440530VDC, 5.5A Power Supply with 48VDC Battery Charger
Leaky Feeder DC Power System 24V Battery Bank
AMP-K431030VDC, 5.5A Power Supply with 24VDC Battery Charger
AMP-K6227 DC Power System for leaky feeder application with Lithium
AMP-K6227 Dual output leaky feeder power supply2x36V constant current limited at 5A + Dual 55V 20A float Lithium batteries charger

Top 5 considerations for a leaky feeder DC power system

1. How robust is the DC power supply and backup?

Your DC power system and backup need to operate flawlessly in a dusty, hot environment. Only shortlist solutions that are convection cooled (no fans) or have a high operating temperature.

2. Does it have a versatile design?

Look for solutions that are easy to install (i.e. rack mounted), have a wide input range for VAC (to withstand voltage fluctuations), and can have two different voltages levels ( 30V for the amplifiers and other for the charging batteries).

3. Can you monitor the system or control it remotely?

Realtime monitoring of the power supply should be a non-negotiable in any modern leaky feeder. So too should be remote monitoring via TCP/IP.

4. What customisations can you make?

You should be able to customise your DC power solution to your needs. Whether you want batteries charged at 12V, 24V or 48V, digital or analogue meters, lithium or lead-acid batteries – it should be your call.

5. Is the power system locally produced and supported?

If something happens, how reliable is the supply chain for repairs? Are the components produced locally or on-hand? Are technicians available to support your teams?

How does the Helios solution stack up?

At Helios work closely with leaky feeder producers, mining communication consultants and mining operations in Australia. So we understand what works best in mines here and how to make the customisations you might need.

The Helios Power Systems leaky feeder power supply is a battery-backed, convection-cooled (no fans) DC power system that can be fully monitored and is designed for harsh underground mining applications.

This system has the DC power supply for charging the backup system (batteries) and the 30VDC required for powering up the leaky feeder network (power amplifiers) in the same 2U rack unit. In case of mains failure the battery bank can provide power for ### hours.

Standard Features

leaky feeder power supply features
  • Convection cooled ideal for dusty environments ( this depends on the output power required)
  • Wide input range 180-300VAC (capable of handling transient spikes)
  • 12V, 24V or 48VDC options for battery backup
  • 30VDC to power amplifiers
  • Short circuit and OVP protection
  • High operation temperature
  • Battery Circuit breakers
  • Easy installation, diagnosis and management
  • Active relays to turn loads ON/OFF
  • Designed and made in Australia

Optional Features

  • Digital or analogue meters for Voltage and Current
  • Remote control and reporting over TCP/IP. Ability to report back to the control room in real-time
  • LED Indications alarms – front panel
  • Terminals – Phoenix or Stud
  • N+1 Redundancy
  • Specific alarms
  • System reset button
  • Battery Backup type (lithium and lead-acid) and autonomy
  • Conformal coating

Other Helios solutions for mining applications

Helios also support the mining sector with a range of other custom solutions for operational safety and continuity. These include:

For technical support about our off the shelf products and customised power conversion solutions, get in touch today.

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