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Brand: Axon Group

Note: This product is not available in the following regions: Australia,Asia,Middle East
  • Multiple control and visualization clients
  • Supports industrial protocols such as secure ICCP, DNP3, SNMP, Modbus, OPC and IEC61850
  • Gateway of data for several telecontrol protocols
  • Hot-Standby Redundancy
  • Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP)
  • Web client


Axon Builder 3

SCADA Software | HMI SCADA | Supports Secure ICCP and DNP3

Axon Builder 3 it is a client-server monitoring software for the industrial and electrical sector. Designed for fast and intuitive configuration that reduces execution times throughout the project lifecycle.

It is based on a client-server architecture that supports deployment in environments ranging from a single station to multi-user distributed systems, which makes the solution flexible from small to large scale. It offers interoperability, reliability and secure access to the control and visualization functions of the critical information of your electrical system.

Axon Builder has different specialized modules for the visualization and management of information. It provides the ability to define custom data manipulation rules based on predefined or programmable logics which allow you to customize or adapt the solution to specific needs.

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Reliable and fully customizable SCADA HMI Software for utilities and industrial processes

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Access & Security

It allows to control the access and has levels of security for the users of the system. It eases the definition of privileges in the operation and administration roles.  In addition, it supports the management by areas or zones of responsibility of the operation.

Alarms & Events

It defines the properties of alarms or events.  It creates and likes formats and other management parameters. In addition, it is possible to create different types of events or alarms both for the states of digital sources and based on thresholds of power supplies.

Supports Industrial Communication Protocols

It supports a wide range of communication protocols to link  devices, both at the level of Masters and Servers. Also, It is possible to  adjust rulers of normalization and historical persistence to the analog signals.

  • DNP3
  • Secure ICCP (Inter-Control Center Communications Protocol – IEC 60870-6 TASE.2)
  • IEC 60870-5101
  • IEC 60870-5104
  • IEC 61850
  • Modbus
  • OPC
  • SNMP

Standard Modules of Axon Builder 3


Allows the automatic creation of screens. It has a customisable and comprehensive gallery of templates for bays, measurements and interlocks. It offers the option of mapping signals manually or automatically and applicate these signals to the animations and actions defined in the template.

Mapping - Axon Builder - SCADA Software Australia


Logics module facilitates the identification and creation of internal signals to know the status of the communication or generate animations in an HMI project. Also, it enables operations between signals from the implementation of the functions or scripts.

System Signals Commands - SCADA Software - Axon Builder


The deployment module allows a remote update of the nodes, for which the configuration station can be on a different computer from the production ones. It also allows you to create nodes, which represent the clients to whom the information will be sent, configuring the name, IP address, port and the services that will be remotely deployed to each of them.

Deployment - SCADA Software - Axon Builder


The diagnostic module displays an interface to view the communication status of each device created in the project. In addition, it allows to identify the latest update, the driver that is used to run it and the license of the protocol communication.

Diagnostic - SCADA Software - Axon Builder


It is about a Hot-StandBy data redundancy, where there is an active instance and another backup instance. The active instance will be establish the communication with the IEDs, while the backup instance will establish communication with the IEDs and will take control in case the active instance presents a fault. It must take account that in this redundancy model the databases are independent, that is how they must be permanently synchronized with each other.

Redundancy - SCADA Software - Axon Builder


The reports module is for important signals in the project, whose be recorded in a document in order to be viewed and analysed later. In the same way, the signals assigned in this module have to come from any input devices that have been created and their operation depends on the configurations made on each of them.

Reports - SCADA Software - Axon Builder


  • Export information in CSV format
  • Wizard for setup. Help to save time and reduce errors
  • Gateway functions. It saves money on the process of communication
  • Reliable and scalable architecture: support until 200.000 signals
  • Customization: Open library for building of graphics elements
  • Easy and intuitive configuration
  • Automatic collate and view of COMTRADE files (IEC 61850)

Installation requirements

  • Operating systems:  Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 or higher
  • Framework: Microsoft .NET 4.8
  • Component: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010, 2013, 2019.
  • Hard Drive: 30 GB free.
  • *Processor: Intel Core i5 o superior.
  • RAM: Minimum 1 GB Free recommend 3 GB or higher

* The minimum processor requirements will depend on the project.


What protocols or industry standards does Axon Builder support?

  You can use Axon Builder3 for monitoring, supervising, and controlling automation systems which had been developed with industrial protocols or standard such as: DNP3, Modbus, Secure ICCP, IEC 61850, OPC, IEC 60870-5-101/104.

What operating system Does Axon Builder 3 require?

Axon Builder3 can be installed on Windows operating systems

Does Axon Builder 3 have Web Clients?

Axon Builder3 can support web and standard additional clients. 

In which hardware can I install Axon Builder3?  

Axon Builder3 can be installed in any hardware with windows as operating system*.  But we recommend using PCs, workstations or Servers for industrial and critical environments. 

Is redundancy supported with Axon Builder? 

Axon Builder 3 supports hot-standBy redundancy. Additionally, Axon Builder3 support PRP protocol if your system has network redundancy.


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