DC Distribution Series 3 Dual Bus 160A, 10-60VDC

Brand: ICT Power

This product is available globally.
  • Available for 12V, 24V, or 48 VDC powered equipment
  • 200A peak system current rating / 100A per bus
  • 12 output positions (6 per bus)
  • 5A, 10A, 15A, 25A & 30A optional breakers
  • Independent Form C alarm contacts for each bus
  • TCP/IP remote management and power control of system and individual outputs (intelligent  model features)
  • Software Demonstration 

Product Range

SKU Type of Protection OTHER FEATURES

Hydraulic/magnetic breakers not included, must be ordered separately.


Hydraulic/magnetic breakers not included, must be ordered separately. Please contact our engineers for further assistance.


Ships from factory with 12 – 15A FKS ATO 80VDC rated fuses installed.


Distribution Series 3 Dual Bus 160A

Dual DC Distribution Panel 12V 24V 48V with Remote TCP/IP Monitoring

The Distribution Series 3 Dual Bus DC Distribution Panels are designed to be used in 12V, 24V or 48VDC applications. All models feature either 12 fuse- or breaker-protected outputs (model dependent) with ATO FKS 80 volt rated fuses, or hydraulic/magnetic breakers (breakers sold separately). Dual voltages and polarities can be run simultaneously.

Breakers or Fuses Alternatives for Protection of your Critical Equipment

Each independent bus has six outputs rated at up to 30 amps max (at 12/24VDC), or 20 amps max (at 48VDC). Fused models feature LED indicators on the front panel, enabling easy identification and replacement of blown fuses. An integrated security-protected Ethernet communications port (select models) allows the panel to be monitored from a remote site using an industry-standard web browser. HTTPS and SNMP V1/V2c/V3 protocols are supported. System current, system voltage, individual output currents and breaker status can be monitored, and alarms can be sent to multiple email accounts.

DC outputs can be turned on and off remotely (select models), allowing connected loads to be power-cycled using the Ethernet connection. Automatic load-shedding can be defined to protect critical loads. A network watchdog feature will ping up to two IP addresses and power-cycle loads such as routers which may need rebooting to restore communications with the site. The 1RU design saves valuable rack space, and fits all standard 19 inch racks. Each bus has its own independent Form C alarm contacts.

Low Cost of Ownership and Site Maintenance

All models come with a 2 year warranty. Intelligent models are I.P. enabled for remote monitoring and remote shutdown or power cycling of individual outputs, potentially saving unnecessary service call-outs.

Intelligent models also come with five digital input contacts for site monitoring sensors such as door, smoke, and water detection. Each input can be custom labeled to provide descriptive email alerts. All Distribution Series 3 models feature independent Form C outputs to monitor and report alarm conditions for each bus.

Remote TCP/IP Monitoring

The Intelligent models are TCP/IP enabled, and utilize a built-in Ethernet connector with integrated web server to allow users to remotely monitor load conditions at the panel. System voltage and current, as well as the current reading of each output, can be monitored.

This can provide an indication of a problem with the system power, or with individually connected devices such as a radio, repeater, or RF amplifier. Text or email alerts will be sent when an alarm is triggered. Up to 30 days of data logging is provided.

Remote TCP/IP Power Control

Intelligent models allow the individual DC outputs to be turned on and off remotely using the TCP/IP connection. This allows connected devices to be power-cycled or shut down, potentially averting the need for an on-site service visit.

The Network Watchdog feature pings a designated I.P. address and will restart an assigned output automatically, allowing devices such as routers to be power-cycled without the risk of losing communications to the site.

Load shedding is provided with user-definable settings for each output, allowing non-essential loads to be automatically shut down in order to prolong power to priority loads.

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Additional information

Weight3.2 kg


ModelDescriptionApplication Voltage (pos or neg ground)System Current Rating (peak/cont)
DISICT200DF-12Standard Dual Bus
Fuse Panel
12, 24, 48VDC200A/160A
DISICT200DB-12Standard Dual Bus
Breaker Panel
12, 24, 48VDC200A/160A
DISICT200DF-12IRCIntelligent Dual Bus
Fuse Panel With TCP/IP
12, 24, 48VDC200A/160A
DISICT200DB-12IRCIntelliigent Dual Bus
Breaker Panel With TCP/IP
12, 24, 48VDC200A/160A


Power Specifications
Application Voltage (pos or neg ground)12, 24, 48VDC
System Current Rating  (peak/cont)200A/160A
Bus Current Rating (peak/cont)100A/80A
Number of Outputs per bus6
Form Factor1RU – 19 Inch rack mount with handles
Dimensions (inches) L x W x H9.29 x 19.0 x 1.72
Weight (lbs/kg)7.0 lbs / 3.2 kg
ConnectorsM8 DC input stud connectors, 10-22AWG cage clamp output terminal blocks
Operating Temperature Range-30oC to +60oC


Land Mobile Radio LMR Networks DC Power Supplies Distribution Panel DC DC Converter Inverters 1U Rack DC Power Supply Battery Charger


EthernetTCP/IP built-in web server and graphical user interface,10/100BASE-T, IEEE 802.3 compatible
Supported ProtocolsIPv4, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, DNS, TCP, UDP, ICMP, DHCP, ARP, SNMP v1/v2c/v3
SNMP PortsUDP Port 161, SNMP Traps: UDP Port 162
Firmware UpgradesUpgradeable over Ethernet
SecurityPassword protected, HTTPS encryption, TLS 1.0
12 Channel Output MonitoringCurrent draw measured and reported for each output, user definable under and over current alarms
Email and SMS AlertsMultiple email or text accounts, adjustable intervals
Data LoggingUp to 30 days at 1 minute sampling rate, csv file download, major event logging
Network WatchdogAutonomously ping up to two I.P. addresses and power-cycle output if no response, definable settings
Power Cycling and RebootingRemote on/off control of every output individually
Auto Restore ModeReturn to previous output settings after a power loss
Power-up Delay SequencingUser selectable 0 to 60 second delay between outputs
Auto Load SheddingEach output user-definable, manual or auto restart
Remote AlarmsIndependent Form C alarm contacts (C/NO/NC)

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