HPS-iSTS-B2 Rack Mounted Static Transfer Switch 125A max

Brand: Static Power

This product is available globally.
  • 1-Phase/2-Pole or 3-Phase/3-Pole or 3-Phase/4-Pole
  • 32A to 63A and 125A single phase
  • 63A Max Three Phase
  • Integrated maintenance by-pass
  • SNMP and Modbus TCP interface
  • IP31 Rating



Single & Three Phase Rack Mounted Static Transfer Switch

With a MTBF of 800,000 hours, Static Power’s 19″ rack iSTS are dedicated to applications requiring a high level of reliability. Within a compact size of 2RU, the Model B2 features as standard a hot-swappable power module and integrated

maintenance bypass enabling continuous power during servicing.With up to 63A of three-phase or up to 125A single-phase current capacity, this model is ideal for those needing more power in a small rackmount package.

The iSTS continuously monitors the supply sources for failure or degeneration and switches automatically to the alternate source as required to protect the load against failure. The break in the supply transition is so short that it is not seen by the critical load. This switching process is undertaken as a break before make transfer, preventing overlapping which can cause large and unpredictable currents. In 2 and 4-pole models, all the active conductors and the neutral are switched. In 3-pole models, only the active phases are switched. Thyristors are used to undertake the switching process.

In the case of downstream load fault conditions, the fault current drawn from the supply may degrade or damage the supply sources; as a consequence should a fault current exist in the load the iSTS will inhibit a transfer to the alternate source even if this causes source supply degradation or loss. This is to ensure that the fault will not be transferred to the alternate supply with the possibility of degrading both sources.

The current threshold for isolation is pre-set to approx. 300% of the rated current. This unit contains fuses. The fuses are to provide for safe operation even in high fault capacity environments. It should be noted that the fuses are for the protection of the semiconductor switches (SCRs/ Thyristors), not the load. The iSTS does not have any automatic tripping devices, so load discrimination is undertaken in the primary and secondary supply networks.

Main Features

  • Advanced Automatic Transfer Switch – ATS – functionality
  • Built-in transient voltage protection
  • UPS Eco-Mode compatible
  • Safe asynchronous source transfers
  • Very high MTBF (>800,000 hours)
  • LED mimic decal with graphic OLED interface
  • One touch transfers
  • Visual and sound alarm
  • Integrated web server
  • Remote operation
  • High-level interface – MODBUS, SNMP
  • Email alerts
  • Clock synchronisation with NTP
  • Integrated maintenance bypass with hot socket field-replaceable power module
  • Incoming source isolator switches
  • Redundant fan cooling
  • Fixed wiring to input & output terminals for cable up to 16mm²
  • 5 x voltage-free contacts & remote inputs

Specifications Table

Current rating1Ph: 125A max 3Ph: 63A max
Voltage ratingAll region-specific voltages selectable ±10%
Type1-Phase/2-Pole, 3-Phase/3-Pole or 3-Phase/4-Pole
Frequency50Hz and 60Hz, ±10% – Auto detection
Transfer typeBreak-Before-Make zero current transfer by Thyristors / SCR
Synchronous break time<1ms – asynchronous break time up to ¼ cycle
MTBF>800,000 hours
Maintenance bypassCradle with 3-position overlapping, no-break CAM switch
IsolationIncoming sources isolator switches
DisplayBi-colour LED mimic decal with graphic OLED display and information interface
InterfacePreferred supply selection, Source transfer selection and Alarm cancel button
Contact2 Self wetting transfer control inputs
5 Voltage free change-over status indicators, Form C
Input optionsFixed wiring to terminals up to 16mm² cables via glands
Output optionsFixed wiring to terminals up to 16mm² cables via glands
Dimensions H x W x D2RU/19″ – 88 x 483 x 460mm
Temperature0 – 45°C
IP ratingIP31
DetectionDigital: <1ms
Asynchronous break time0ms, 10ms, 50ms or Vt proportional, 0° to 180°
Loading0 – 100% @45°C ambient
Device ratings134ARMS, 1600V, 2kA 1 cycle
Overload @40°C ambient125A for 30s
250A for 0.1s
140A for 1s
2kA for 1 cycle
Fault current setting350% peak with load fault transfer inhibit
Safe install environment20kA, 100A/200A internally fused
Protection100A/200A fuses – BS88/FE100
Power factorNo practical limit
Max THDV10% – Max allowable source voltage distortion
Crest factor3.5 : 1
dV/dt max800V/μs
CoolingRedundant fans
Humidity @40°C ambient5 – 95% non-condensing
Regulatory approvalsIEC 62310-1,2,3 – IEC 60950 – IEC 61000-6-1,2,3,4 – CE – RCM – UL Capable – RoHS
Standard warranty24 months offsite repair or replacement policy

Series Table

Model NumberPhases/PolesMax Current
HPS B2 1P2 00161-Phase/2-Pole16A
HPS B2 1P2 00321-Phase/2-Pole32A
HPS B2 1P2 00501-Phase/2-Pole50A
HPS B2 1P2 00631-Phase/2-Pole63A
HPS B2 1P2 00801-Phase/2-Pole80A
HPS B2 1P2 01001-Phase/2-Pole100A
HPS B2 1P2 01251-Phase/2-Pole125A
HPS B2 3P3 00163-Phase/3-Pole16A
HPS B2 3P3 00323-Phase/3-Pole32A
HPS B2 3P3 00503-Phase/3-Pole50A
HPS B2 3P3 00633-Phase/3-Pole63A
HPS B2 3P4 00163-Phase/4-Pole16A
HPS B2 3P4 00203-Phase/4-Pole20A
HPS B2 3P4 00253-Phase/4-Pole25A
HPS B2 3P4 00323-Phase/4-Pole32A
HPS B2 3P4 00503-Phase/4-Pole50A
HPS B2 3P4 00633-Phase/4-Pole63A

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