HPS-iSTS-S3 Wall Mount – Outdoor Static Transfer Switch 250A max

Brand: Static Power

Note: This product is not available in the following regions: Australia
  • True solid state Break before make transfer
  • Wall Mounted or switchboard integration
  • IP54 – 45/55°C ambient
  • Up to 1-Phase 2 Pole/250A and 3-Phase 4 pole/250A
  • Manual and automatic % remote transfers selection



Single & Three Phase & Wall Mount Static Transfer Switch

With a MTBF of 800,000 hours, Static Power’s HPS-iSTS-S3 Static Transfer Switch are dedicated to applications requiring a high level of reliability.HPS-iSTS-S3 avoids critical equipment power supply disruptions by transparently changing to a secondary source in case of failure of the preferred.All our switchboard and wall mount HPS-iSTS-S3 are adaptable to particular applications or requirements.

Main Features

  • True solid state, Break-before-make transfer
  • IP54, 55°C ambient
  • Compact
  • Single or 3-phase/3 or 4-pole
  • Built-in transient voltage protection
  • Transfer time: <1ms to ¼ cycle


  • PLCs
  • Computers
  • Security & Lightning
  • CNCs & Robotics
  • Motors


Specifications Table

Current ratingfrom 32A Up to 250A
Voltage ratingAll region-specific voltages selectable ±10%
TypeSingle phase, 3-Phase/3-Pole or 3-Phase/4-Pole
Frequency50Hz and 60Hz, ±10% – Auto detection
Transfer typeBreak-Before-Make zero current transfer by Thyristors / SCR
Synchronous break timeSynchronous break time up to ¼ cycle
MTBF>800,000 hours
DisplayBi-colour LED mimic decal
InterfacePreferred supply selection, Source transfer selection and Alarm cancel buttons
Input optionsBolted terminals via glands
Output optionsBolted terminals via glands
Dimensions & WeightW400 x H600 x D190mm – 15kg
Temperature0 – 45/55°C
IP ratingIP54
DetectionDigital: <1ms
Asynchronous break time0ms, 10ms, 50ms or Vt proportional, 0° to 180°
Loading0 – 100% @45/55°C ambient
CoolingPassive up to 160A – Redundant fans up to 250A
Humidity @40°C ambient5 – 95% non-condensing

Series Table

Model NumberPhases/PolesMax Current
HPS S3 1P2 00631-Phase/2-Pole63A
HPS S3 1P2 01001-Phase/2-Pole100A
HPS S3 1P2 01251-Phase/2-Pole125A
HPS S3 1P2 01601-Phase/2-Pole160A
HPS S3 1P2 02001-Phase/2-Pole200A
HPS S3 1P2 02501-Phase/2-Pole250A
HPS S3 3P3 00323-Phase/3-Pole32A
HPS S3 3P3 00633-Phase/4-Pole63A
HPS S3 3P3 01003-Phase/4-Pole100A
HPS S3 3P3 01253-Phase/4-Pole125A
HPS S3 3P3 01603-Phase/4-Pole160A
HPS S3 3P3 02003-Phase/3-Pole200A
HPS S3 3P3 02503-Phase/4-Pole250A
HPS S3 3P4 00163-Phase/4-Pole16A
HPS S3 3P4 00323-Phase/4-Pole32A
HPS S3 3P4 00633-Phase/4-Pole63A
HPS S3 3P4 01003-Phase/3-Pole100A
HPS S3 3P4 01253-Phase/4-Pole125A
HPS S3 3P4 01503-Phase/4-Pole150A
HPS S3 3P4 01603-Phase/4-Pole160A
HPS S3 3P4 02003-Phase/4-Pole200A
HPS S3 3P4 02253-Phase/3-Pole225A
HPS S3 3P4 02503-Phase/4-Pole250A

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