BCH300-500 Industrial Battery Chargers: 300W- 500W

Brand: Absopulse Electronics

This product is available globally.
  • Convection cooled – No fans
  • Customised mechanical solutions on request
  • Battery Low Alarm
  • Temperature Compensation Charging – option
  • Any output from 12vdc ~ 120vdc possible


BCH300-500 Series

Industrial Battery Charger – DC UPS 300W –  500W

The BCH300 & BCH500 series battery charger is a rugged, industrial-grade product, using field- proven design suitable for use in DC battery back-up applications. It is a mature product providing excellent reliability and performance and delivering 300 / 500 watts of output power with convection/conduction cooling. – NO Fans.

The two alarms provide external monitoring of Power Fail / Charger Fail and Battery Low via voltage free contacts.

The chassis-mount design feature allows for easy mounting.

Additional ruggedizing and conformal coating are available for applications requiring higher immunity to shock, vibration, humidity, moisture, dust and insects


  • TBC Temperature Battery Compensation Charging
  • TIM Automatic Battery Testing
  • Boost A variety of boost options
  • IEC AC input via IEC socket & power cord
  • Rack Mount 19in Rack Mount options

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Series Table

Model Output  Nom Float V Current  Power
BCH300-14FT 12 V 13.8 V 20A 300W
BCH300-28FT 24 V 27.6 V 11A 300W
BCH300-55FT 48 V 55.2 V 5.5A 300W
BCH300-110FT 96 V 108 V 2.5A 300W
BCH300-110FT 108 V 124 V 2.5A 300W
BCH500-28FT 24 V 27.6 V 18A 500W
BCH500-55FT 48 V 55.2 V 9A 500W
BCH500-110FT 96 V 108 V 4A 500W
BCH500-110FT 108 V 124 V 4A 500W

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