OPUS HE OC0864 Wall Mount DC Power System 4.5kW – 12kW

Brand: Enedo

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OPUS HE OC0684 DC Power System

Powered by MHE High-Efficiency Rectifiers

OPUS HE Wall mountable power systems are an industrial-grade solution family that delivers uninterrupted power for whole voltage ranges from 24V to 220VDC. With highly efficient, convection-cooled rectifiers, a state-of-the-art controller, and a highly modular mechanical structure, the OPUS HE Series can be easily configured to meet a multitude of utility, industrial and rail applications.

OPUS HE Wall-mount systems come in an IP20 / IP21 enclosure and consist of the MHE rectifiers (up to 6 modules), VIDI+ I/O controller, MCB or switch fuse protection for the battery and MCB protection for the mains. For lead connections, there are both bulk screw terminal outputs and a couple of configurable MCBs.On top of 12 configurable relay alarms, system can be remotely monitored via modern communication protocols such as Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, SCADA IEC61850, SNMP and RS-232.

OC0864 800x600x400mm standard cabinet systems deliver maximum 12 kW output power at 48V, 60V, 110V, 125V and 220VDC and 9kW at 24VDC output. Cabinets have standard configurations for 3 or 6 rectifier modules and DC/AC inverters or DC/DC converters can be added to the system. Quantity of rectifiers, battery fuses, load distribution and many other features are configurable to match with requirements of the application. OPUS HE OC864 has configurable A+B double system connection and battery testing and monitoring features.

Main applications are critical infrastructure systems such as transmission and distribution substations, process industries and railway signaling. Robust and reliable fan-free design and modular architecture ensures the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) across the 15-20 year expected life span of backup power systems.

Main Features

  • Efficiency up to 97%
  • Convection cooling – no fans
  • Outputs 24V, 48V, 60V, 110V, 125V, 220VDC
  • Flexible design with full front cabling
  • VIDI+ I/O controller, local and remote interfaces 12 x relays, Ethernet, Modbus, IEC61850, SNMP, RS-232
  • Configurable load distribution
  • Configurable battery fuses and discharging test
  • Options: A+B parallel supply, IP21 roof, BLVD contactor, battery block voltage monitoring, inverters & DC/DC converters
  • Safety: Cabinet: EN61439-1, EN61439-2, Rectifiers: EN 62368-1, EN 50124-1 rail

Modular Multivoltage DC Power System

OPUS HE OC0864 includes configurable MHE Rectifiers, EDC DC-DC Converters and DAC60000 Inverter modules ( Max 3 slots for INV + DC/DC Converter).

Modular Multivoltage DC Power System

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Series Table

Model NumberPower Out Max (kW)Module PositionsInput Voltage (VAC)Output Voltage Range (VDC)Output Current Max (A)Cooling
OPUS HE 24-4.5 OC0864 F4.5385 – 30021-33187.5Natural Convection
OPUS HE 24-9.0 OC0864 F
9685 – 30021-33375Natural Convection
OPUS HE 48-6.0 OC0864 F6385 – 30042-59125Natural Convection
OPUS HE 48-120 OC0864 F
12685 – 30042-59250Natural Convection
OPUS HE 60-6.0 OC0864 F6385 – 30051-72100Natural Convection
OPUS HE 60-12.0 OC0864 F12685 – 30051-72200Natural Convection
OPUS HE 110-6.0 OC0864 F6385 – 30090-15055.5Natural Convection
OPUS HE 110-12.0 OC0864 F12685 – 30090-150111Natural Convection
OPUS HE 125-6.0 OC0864 F6385 – 300100-16050Natural Convection
OPUS HE 125-12.0 OC0864 F12685 – 300100-160100Natural Convection
OPUS HE 220-6.0 OC0864 F6385 – 300178-28027.8Natural Convection
OPUS HE 220-12.0 OC0864 F12685 – 300178-28055.5Natural Convection

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