HPS-iSTS-P Chassis Mount Static Transfer Switch 32A – 1600A max

Brand: Static Power

This product is available globally.
  • From 32A to 1600A, single and 3-phase
  • Transfer time: <1ms to ¼ cycle
  • Adaptable dimensions
  • Adaptable Inputs/output connexions



Single & Three Phase Panel Mounted Static Transfer Switch

HPS-STS- P is designed to be integrated into 3rd party switchboard or enclosure and is adaptable to all specific requirements. There is no standard panel mounted HPS-iSTS-P, each design is adaptable to Customer’s requirements and is the result of a close collaboration between Customer’s and our team of engineers.


HPS-iSTS-P Mains Static Transfer Switch Switchboard Manufacturers Schematic

  • Static transfer switch itself
  • Static transfer switch with protections
  • Static transfer switch with maintenance bypass

Specifications Table

Current rating63A250A630A1600A
Voltage ratingAll region-specific voltages selectable ±10%
Frequency50Hz and 60Hz, ±10% – Auto detection
Type1-Phase/2-Pole or 3-Phase/3 or 4-Pole
ProtectionFuseless, by circuit breakers
Loading0 – 100% @ 45°C ambient
Device ratings (1 cycle)700A RMS @10kA1300A RMS @20kA1750A RMS @28kA2650A RMS @34kA
Overload @40°C ambient125% for 10min
150% for 30s 500A for 1s 2kA for 0.1s
125% for 10min
150% for 30s 1kA for 1s 7.2kA for 0.1s
125% for 10min
150% for 30s 3.5kA for 1s 10kA for 0.1s
125% for 10min
150% for 30s 5kA for 1s 12.5kA for 0.1s
Fault current setting>350% peak with load fault transfer inhibit
Safe install environment
*Higher Fault Current available
10kA for 1 cycle*20kA for 1 cycle*28kA for 1 cycle*35kA for 1 cycle*
Power factorNo practical limit
Max THDV10% – Max allowable source voltage distortion
Crest factor3.5 : 1
dV/dt max800V/μs
Maintenance bypassIntegrated in Panel or withoutWithout or External to Panel
Maintenance Bypass Type5 Mechanically interlocked circuit breakers
Source and Output IsolationIntegrated in Panel or withoutWithout or External to Panel
ConnexionsTerminals M8 Up to 95mm2Copper bars Up to 2 x 120mm2Copper bars Up to 2 x 300mm2
Cable Entry – ExitTop or bottom
Transfer typeBreak-Before-Make zero current transfer by Thyristors / SCR
Synchronous break timeTypically less than 1ms – Synchronous break time up to ¼ cycle
DetectionDigital: <1ms
Asynchronous break timeSettable 0ms, 10ms, 50ms or Vt proportional, 0° to 180°
DisplayBi-colour LED mimic decal with graphic backlit LCD display and information interfaceColour 7”display and
information interface
ControlsPreferred supply selection, Source transfer selection and Alarm cancel button
Contact2 Self wetting transfer control inputs and 5 Voltage free change-over status indicators, Form C
Dimensions H x W x D in mm1Ph: H800 x W580 x D250
3Ph: H1000 x W580 x D250
H1200 x W715 x D250H1600 x W760 x D300H1720 x W760 x D300
Weight1Ph: 60kg – 3Ph: 75kg1Ph: 70kg – 3Ph: 100kg1Ph: 80kg – 3Ph: 115kg1Ph: 200kg – 3Ph: 245kg
Temperature0 – 45°C
IP RatingIP00
CoolingRedundant fans
Humidity @40°C ambient5 – 95% non-condensing
Applicable StandardsIEC 62310-1,2,3 – IEC 60950 – IEC 61000-6-1,2,3,4 – CE – RCM – UL Capable – RoHS
Standard warranty24 months offsite repair or replacement policy

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