Largest Gathering of Critical Comms Leaders in the Southern Hemisphere

Comms Connect 2023DC Power Supplies for critical communications Helios Power Solutions

At Helios, we are pleased to see Comms Connect return to Melbourne on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th October.

Our engineers Julian Clark, Ace Hassan from Australia and Jason Jost from New Zealand are so looking forward to catching up with you and assisting your power conversion and back up challenges.

New 1500W DC Power Module for Critical Comms

New ICT 1500W Module for critical communications

We are thrilled to announce the availability of a new 1500W AC/DC Power module for 48VDC and 24VDC powered equipment and backup systems. The high efficiency modules are compatible with the ICT Modular Power Series, MPS Ultra, Hybrid Power Series and Hybrid Ultra which offer remote Ethernet-based communications for monitoring and control; enhanced security and […]

New Dual Output DC Power System for Wireless Communications Networks

Dual Output Voltage DC Power System for wireless communication networks

48V And 24V DC Power System With Integrated 12V Or 24V DC Converter Managing your backup system and critical loads with two different voltage levels is now possible with the new ICT Hybrid Ultra and ICT Hybrid Power Series. The dual output voltage configuration brings more flexibility while maintaining a high level of reliability with […]

ICT Platinum Series Is Now Available with Lithium-Ion Battery Support

Platinum Series AC DC Power Supply Battery Charger DC UPS System24V 12V 12V - Broadcasting Power Supplies Land Mobile Radio - Lithium Ion Support

ICT Platinum Series 1U Rack Mount DC Power Systems has been improved and now supports lithium-ion batteries. Using the built-in web-based graphical user interface (GUI), or front-panel display and keypad, users can select either lead acid or lithium-ion battery types, depending on which they plan to use in their application. The Platinum Series is an […]